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The GU Crew

In 1993, our passionate Berkeley-based sports nutrition company introduced GU Energy Gel and forever changed the way that athletes fuel during exercise. GU makes eating on a run or a ride easier and more effective. We take pride in our history but never let it stop us from continually improving what we do.

At our core, GU is a company of athletes and we know what it takes to compete and excel in the world of endurance sports. We invite you to become a member of the GU Crew, our family of supported athletes. The GU Crew is a community of athletes from all walks of life who live by our mission. We ask our athletes to be active in their respective communities, and constantly promote the GU way of life, whether racing, training, educating, or coaching.

Interested in being part of the #GUCrew? Fill out the application and our team will respond to your application by December 12, 2014.

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