About Roctane.com

Roctane.com provides relevant information about the science behind Roctane products and how athletes can use them to go farther and faster through stories from ultra endurance athletes using them in real training and racing. We’ve always believed that rigorous and extensive field-testing is a cornerstone of great product development. It’s time to open the doors to our field lab through the eyes and experience of high performing ultra endurance athletes like you.

Information is a key asset for endurance athletes. Wattage, weather, calories, perceived effort, fluid intake- these are all important data points for an endurance athlete and absolutely critical for ultra endurance athletes.

And nutrition and energy data is arguably the most important information asset of all because it has such a direct, and profound, impact on your performance.

But this isn’t about running out of gas – you’re too smart and experienced for that (most of the time). This is about optimal energy and performance so you can punch it and win. Or get home after 24 hours trail running in the wilderness. Or row across the Atlantic Ocean solo…. That’s what Roctane.com is all about. Giving you the information tools and real world experience of peer athletes so you can punch it and win your race. If you’d like to share your Roctane story, give us a shout – we’d love to hear from you.

Now turn off the computer and get out – on the trail. On the snow. In the surf. It doesn’t really matter. Just hit it.

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