No Excuses, No Limits

March 18, 2013 | By | 5 Comments

He has plenty of them, excuses that is. He’s survived diabetes, kidney failure, years of dialysis, two kidney/pancreas transplants, open heart surgery, and an aggressive form of cancer that spread to his lymphs. Oh yeah, and he also went blind when he was 29. But, Bobby McMullen, the man I’m heading to Queenstown, NZ with this week to compete in a 6 hour Enduro, doesn’t make excuses.

It was on this climb in 2011 (picture on left) that I came to the realization that too often we look at life obstacles, setbacks, injuries, arguments, etc. as limiters or barriers that bring our forward life progress to a standstill, literally. Watching Bobby tick the pedals over on the crunchy gravel, gritting his teeth on the final pitches out, made me think that we need to always reassess what is possible in life, even when we are faced with some sort of impediment. Seeing Bobby do what he did made any life struggle that I have, or could possibly face in my life, seem small, insignificant and unimportant. Here was a truly inspirational man pedaling by my side who can’t see, yet he wasn’t letting that stop him from doing what he loves most: riding his bike and living what is possible.

No excuses, no limits. That’s how Bobby McMullen lives.

*Stay tuned for more updates about our adventure.

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Yuri's been scribbling for Bike Monkey Magazine since issue #1, as well as other cycling publications. A former 24-hour endurance race champ, who's been sponsored by GU Energy Labs for over a decade, and current local quad-throttler, he tossed aside a long-time career as a third grade teacher in favor of entering the bike industry. Born and raised in the chicken capital of the USA, spit through UC Berkeley, scattered across the states, then firmly replanted about a mile and a half from his old stomping grounds, he's come full circle. In more ways than one.

Comments (5)

  1. Steve Ternlund

    Go get em’ Bobby!

  2. Skip Canfield

    What an inspiration. My Hero.

  3. Suzi hauswald

    You two will be spinning heads as well as wheels down under!
    What a journey…what a pair!

  4. Can’t wait to read more! Safe travels!

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