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GU Energy FAQs

How do I best combine GU Electrolyte Brew, GU Energy Gel and Roctane during a long day of exercise?

 The answer depends on each person. Some people may be able to run all day eating nothing but Vanilla GU and drinking water. Others might need to rotate between all the flavors of Roctane and GU washed down with different flavors of GU Electrolyte Brew over the course of a full-length triathlon or ultramarathon. You’ll need to experiment to find out what works for you. How do you know what works? You want to be able to consistently take in calories and electrolytes on a reGUlar basis throughout a long day of training or racing.

Does GU sponsor teams and athletes? 

Yes, to find out more visit out athlete sponsor page.


Will GU sponsor my race? 
We’ll certainly consider it. Our event sponsorship page details all that information.

Are GU packets recyclable? 
The type of packaging necessary to keep GU fresh is not recyclable.

Can I buy GU in bulk? 
No. We manufacture 100% of our gels in-house on custom machinery, formatted specifically to accommodate our unique packaging design. In order to maintain this process, and thus maintain the highest quality control standards of any gel on the market (read more about The GU factory), we manufacture in single-serving packets only. If you prefer to train and race with bulk gel, we recommend squeezing several packets into a GU gel flask.

Have you considered a “litter leash” style tear tab for GU packets? 
We did consider an early prototype of this style of packaging. However, we found that the volume of packaging necessary to do so was excessive. In fact, we’ve studied the packaging of every competitive gel on the market and determined that our unique design utilizes 20-40% less material than any of our competitors’ packets. That’s a whole lot of raw material, when you consider the quantity of individual gel packets we produce each year! It’s actually quite simple to keep track of your GU tear tabs: either rip the top only partially open to consume your GU, or else tear the top fully off and roll it up with the rest of the packet, toothpaste-tube-style, as you go. Then drop your empties in the nearest trash bin or stash them in your jersey pocket or under your bike short leg grippers for later disposal. One final note on packaging: the fact that GU’s unique design has the smallest possible profile enables comfortable, convenient portability of multiple gels in jersey pockets, jog bras, bento boxes – wherever you store your GU.

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