Learn how to best fuel yourself for 24 hours with GU Energy Brand Specialist Yuri Hauswald

Whether you’re on a team or racing Old Pueblo all by your lonesome, proper nutrition is paramount. Yuri Hauswald not only works for GU Energy Labs – the Official Performance Nutrition Sponsor of Epic Rides – but has been a GU sponsored athlete for more than a decade. He has experienced both team and solo 24 hour racing, and he takes us through his fueling routine during a typical race. Remember, everybody’s system is different, and what works for Yuri might not necessarily work for you. And regardless of whether you’re a team or solo rider, proper hydration, a good diet and getting plenty of rest are crucial to peak athletic performance.


“Before the start of every lap I will have a GU Roctane Gel. It has three times the amino acids of a normal GU Gel to help buffer muscle breakdown. It also has double the caffeine for a kick of extra energy. I carry only one bottle of water with a diluted mix of Roctane or a simple electrolyte tab. Just in case, in my back pocket I either carry an extra gel or a bag of GU Lemon Chomps, which are like gummi bears but have the  optimal ratio of complex to simple carbs for sustained energy and speedy recovery. After each lap I have some Recovery Brew which has whey protein isolate to speed muscle recovery.”


“As a solo rider, you constantly have to be fueling the tank with 250-300 calories per hour. Two GU Gels is 200 calories and a bottle of Roctane drink mix is 240 calories. I usually start out with those. After hour four, I start taking in foods of substance. Around the six hour mark I will drink some chocolate Recovery Brew and a couple bottles of water. I never stop riding, so I have bite size food on a plate in the transition area; usually salami and cheese, peanut butter and jelly, bananas or a bag of Chomps. You’ve got to have variety. What tastes good now might taste repulsive in 12 hours. In the middle of the night I like warm chicken soup, and around 2AM I’ll eat a partial bowl of oatmeal. I eat small amounts, but frequently.”

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