Santa Cruz, CA


BEAR DEVELOPMENT TEAM was founded in 2011 in Santa Cruz, CA by Stu Bone and a committed group of 10 team riders. In 2013, Julia Violich and Chris Burnham joined Bone at the helm of the program. Together, they built the program into the development platform that it is today.

While BEAR’s racing results and development track record is impressive, this team believes that relationships make good things happen. We feel a strong sense of gratitude towards our teammates, sponsors, directors and supporters. BEAR maintains a focus on fun, awareness of other and personal growth driven by values and goals.


  • 2015: Carson Benjamin (2015 STXC National Champion), Teddy Haident (Enduro Junior Expert National Champion)
  • 2016: Mathew Tracey Cooke (1st Seaotter Classic), Clayton Puckett (Enduro Junior Expert National Champion)

2017 Goals

We invest ourselves in the success of our team and teammates. Together, we make good things happen, While also promoting our sponsors!

Fun Fact

Almost everyone on the team can do a wheelie.

Favorite GU Product

  • Watermelon Energy Chews

Nutrition Tips

Nutrition is one of the most important things in training and racing, but it’s not the same for everyone. Do what works best for you! You know what’s best for yourself.