Lock Haven, PA


Grad-school student who is hasn’t quite decided what I want to do for a living yet (well would preferably like to just run). Frequently daydreams about being in the mountains and spends most of the, little, money that I have on traveling. Can’t drink enough coffee and Red Bull. Beating Strava course records is a fun hobby. Finally, I find a lot of joy in volunteering at races and believe that people should give back to their sport before they receive (taught to me by my good friend Pete Stoughton).


  • 5th place- USATF Trail Half Marathon Championships
  • 3-time NCAA Cross Country National Qualifier
  • 2nd Place- TNF Endurance Challenge Half Marathon, Park City
  • Chocolate Milk Mile Champion

2017 Goals

  • Make the USA Mountain Running Team
  • Place top 3 at a Trail National Championship
  • Run under 68 minutes in a half marathon
  • Run my first 50k
  • Have fun!

Fun Fact

Ran across Pennsylvania last summer with a friend and it was one of the coolest experiences of my life. I hope to do more trips like this in the future!

Favorite GU Product

Wild Berries Stroopwafel because this product saved my life while I was on a run with Hayden Hawks. We got lost in these mountains outside of St. George, UT and if he wasn’t there, I’m almost positive I wouldn’t of made it back, so thank you Stroopwafel!

Nutrition Tips

Find what is most comfortable for your stomach before a run. Everyone’s stomach is different. I like oatmeal before running. The Stroopwafels are also amazing before and during running for my stomach as well.