New Orleans, LA


I was born in Munich, Germany, raised in Puerto Rico, and currently living in New Orleans with my wife and five-year-old daughter. I serve in the military full time, and work with the Louisiana Running and Walking company a few days a month fitting runners for shoes and conducting gait analysis.

I started running three years ago to lose weight and swore I’d never run more than a 10K. A year later I began running ultras, to include my first hundred-mile race. The best thing running has given me other than health, is the community I’ve been fortunate to become a part of through running.

I tend to pick and choose races that will force me out of my comfort zone and force me to get creative in training. The trail 100-mile race is my distance of choice and has taken me to some amazing places across the country, including Death Valley and Leadville.
I’m excited to be part of the #GUCrew because I’ve used the entire line of GU’s products in both training and racing and know it’s the best nutrition out there from experience.

When I’m not running I’m all about spending time with my family and grooming my daughter to be the next Magda!


Staying healthy, and continually entering and completing races deemed to be too difficult for someone coming from flat terrain.

2017 Goals

My overall goal for 2017 is to build the best 2018 Badwater 135 resume I can, as well as complete the Pinhoti Trail Slam. My 2017 race schedule will consist of the following races, with a few road marathons in between:

  • JAN15: Las 50 de San Jorge 50 Miler (Puerto Rico)
  • FEB 25: The Mt Mitchell Challenge 40 Miler (Black Mountain, NC)
  • MAR 18: Badwater-Cape Fear 52 Miler (Bald Head Island, NC)
  • APR 22: Double Top 100 Miler (Chatsworth, Georgia)
  • May 20: Keys 100 Miler (Florida Keys)
  • June 17: Great New York 100 Miler (New York, NY)
  • July: Pacing/Crewing Badwater 135
  • SEP 23: The Georgia Jewel 100 Miler (Dalton, GA)
  • NOV 4: The Pinhoti 100 Miler

Fun Fact

During my first 100 mile race, my family, including my daughter, who was four at the time, crewed me through the point to point route. It was cold and rainy all day, and at some point she was taken to use the bathroom in the woods, and upon relieving herself, immediately decided she would jump into what she thought was a puddle and splash around….it wasn’t a puddle. Since then she has been lovingly referred to as “Poopy Boots” by my pacers and the Louisiana Ultra Running community.

Favorite GU Product

  • Summit Tea Roctane Energy Drink Mix

Nutrition Tips

The morning of a race my breakfast consist of a Caramel Coffee Stroopwafel with some Chocolate Peanut Butter Energy Gel on top. It tastes great and has everything I need to get me ready to tackle the course. It also has enough caffeine so that I don’t need to supplement with a cup of coffee.

During training, recovery is key for me, so after a hard workout in the morning I’ll throw a GU Chocolate Recovery Drink Mix pack, steel cut oats, cashew milk, and a spoon of peanut butter into the blender for breakfast.

The Recovery Drink Mix is also great when mixed just with warm water or milk!