Star City, WV


Lori Sherlock is an associate professor at West Virginia University in the field of Exercise Physiology. She is a dedicated triathlete that specializes in Iron-distance events but enjoys participating in triathlons of all distances. Lori is highly involved with both her community and university with efforts to promote inclusion of physical activity across the lifespan. Mrs. Sherlock is an avid presenter for local, national, and international venues. Her specialization is in the field of aquatics and exercise and extends to the athlete.


  • Qualified for the Ironman World Championships 5 times
  • All American for the past 5 years
  • 2nd Overall Woman at Ironman Lake Placid in 2015
  • 3rd overall woman at IM Chattanooga in 2016

2017 Goals

Take my best crack at Kona. 2016 was all about using short course racing to get faster in hopes that it transfers to long course racing. I snatched -up my slot for Kona at IM Chattanooga and now I get to see if the short course season pays off.

Fun Fact

I have driven a Steam Roller…a really, really big one!

Favorite GU Product

  • Watermelon Chews

Nutrition Tips

Plan, Plan, Plan and Practice, Practice, Practice! Planning and practicing nutrition is the only means of success for on-course nutrition! I like to lay out all of my nutrition before a training session to make sure I have everything…that is exactly what I do before a race too. Count and calculate to create successful nutrition strategies!