Waxhaw, NC


Marcus is an avid mountain biker, trail runner and swimmer, who tries to mix the three up as much as possible. He primarily focuses on off-road triathlons but can be found at mountain bike and trail running races. He has also raced abroad in the new and upcoming swimrun sport that is taking the globe by storm. He’s a 5x XTERRA Regional Champion in the Southeast, was awarded the Mr. XTERRA award for 2016 and has raced as part of Team USA several years in a row. Like many age-groupers out there, Marcus juggles a full time day-job, a family and the love of racing.


  • 2016 Mr. XTERRA
  • 5x XTERRA Regional Champion
  • 2x Age Group National Champion, USAT Off-road Triathlon
  • 4x USAT All American

2017 Goals

  • Have Fun
  • Share my love of sport and help as many new folks as I can
  • Defend XTERRA Regional Champion title
  • Defend Age Group National Champion, USAT Off-road Triathlon title
  • Win SwimRunVA (defend winning title)
  • Win SwimRunNC

Fun Fact

Many moons ago, my Saturday ritual was to drive to the donut shop, buy two dozen hot donuts and attempt to consume an entire dozen on the way home.

Favorite GU Product

Watermelon Hydration Drink Tabs – I use them on almost every workout and race.

Nutrition Tips

If you put Jet Blackberry gel on a powdered mini donut, you’ll swear you’re eating a jelly donut.
On very hot days, which is not untypical in the southeast, I like to add a Hydration Drink Tab to my bottle in addition to Rocatne Energy Drink. I’m a heavy, salty sweater, so I have found the additional electrolytes helps. Obviously, you’ll want to figure out what works for you as far as calorie intake and electrolyte needs.