Trail Runner

Arlington, VA


Michael Wardian (@mikewardian) is a 43-year-old marathon and ultramarathon runner that ran 51 events in 2018, including 7 marathons on 7 continents in 7 days and set a world record.  He loves his family, vizslas, foosball, chess, fantasy football and Clash Royale. 


  • Qualifying for 3 Olympic Trials in Men’s Marathon and PR 2:17:49
  • Winning a sliver medal in 100K world championships
  • Setting Guinness world record with our son Pierce in a jogging stroller

Nutrition tip

Ah…so many tips….smashed up stroopwafels can fit in any hydration vest or bottles.

Fun Fact

I love foosball, fantasy football, and Clash Royale