Dayton, OH


Nickie Luse is a professional triathlete who lives and trains in her hometown of Dayton, OH. Before endurance sports found their way into her life, Nickie had a successful career playing Division I soccer at the University of Cincinnati. Her senior season she was a team captain and led the team to a Conference USA Championship, Elite 8 NCAA tournament berth and she was also awarded Academic All American Honors.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Nickie spent eight years caring for patients in Intensive Care Units and Emergency Rooms around the country as a traveling nurse. She transitioned to work in the outdoor retail world and managed Up and Running in Dayton, an independent, locally owned running & fitness retail store, for several years while balancing the demands of her triathlon career & nursing career. In 2013 Nickie qualified for her professional triathlon license and is now entering her third season as a professional triathlete, while working part-time at Up and Running.

Nickie Luse represents a dream and is a relatable athlete for all levels. She decided to pursue her third career later in life as a professional athlete at the age of 35. In 2015 Nickie’s mother passed away after a valiant 22 months of battling pancreatic cancer. She was and will always be a driving force behind her will to chase & accomplish dreams. Nickie’s motivation and drive to succeed goes beyond the finish line, it goes into her training every day, her relationships with those that believe in her and her personal quest to live each day to the fullest. She is constantly reminded to cherish every aspect of the journey not just the end result. She hopes her dreams and career path will encourage those she comes in contact with to understand that your aspirations are attainable if you have the drive and gumption to look past the barriers in order to achieve the greatness you dream.


  • Athletic Hall of Fame at Bellbrook High School, OH
  • Scholar Athlete All-American 2001, University of Cincinnati Women’s Soccer Team 1998-2001
  • Managed & oversaw expansion of Up and Running’s 2nd retail location
  • Pro Triathlete License Qualification 2013
  • 2015 70.3 Austin, 2nd fastest female run split

2017 Goals

Consistently crack the top 10 at races and stand on the podium! Inspire others to chase their dreams.

Fun Fact

When I retire I want to be a photographer for National Geographic, I think I’d even do it for free!

Favorite GU Product

  •  Roctane Energy Drink Mix – Grape

Nutrition Tips

I have found mixing my Roctane Gel in a flask with a little bit of water is the perfect mix for me on the run. My energy needs are met more effectively and my stomach seems to cooperate! I tend to set a timer on my watch during long workouts and races, it keeps me accountable to keep sipping and eating on a predetermined time frame based on my caloric needs so I don’t drift off and forget.

It’s too hot in the summer for hot oatmeal. So I make an awesome cold oatmeal concoction. 1 cup of oats, soy or almond milk, scoop of protein powder with all the fixins you can imagine from fruit to peanut butter to honey, you get the picture. A great summer meal!