A mother on the move, Sarah Bowen Shea has three school-age kids, including high-energy boy-girl twins. (She wishes she could run, jump, dance, and score as well as they can!) Along with Dimity McDowell, Sarah is the co-founder of Another Mother Runner, an online and in-person community of women runners celebrating every mile and milestone. A rower in college, Sarah switched to running when she entered the real world. She’s run 13 marathons, including two Boston Marathons. To hear her recount training tales and interview experts about a variety of running topics (and laugh uproariously while doing so), listen to the Another Mother Runner podcast: new free episodes every Friday!


2017 Goals

Finish the Twin Cities Marathon injury-free–and to find at least $10 while putting in the training miles to get there.

Fun Fact

Sarah originated the hashtag #foundchange on Twitter and Instagram to celebrate the pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, and even the occasional dollar coin she excitedly discovers while running. She never spends the money she picks up: The fun is in finding it!

Favorite GU Product

Salted Chocolate Stroopwafel: a delicious treat before heading out the door for my early morning run.