Olmstead Falls, OH


I am a professional BMX rider who specializes in flatland. Although retired from competing, I still participate in them by helping out with the judging process. While currently working on self progression, I have been helping construct several different video projects which should be released throughout 2017. I also am co-owner of Chenga-world ramp park, a 28,000 sq foot indoor facility which houses various ramps and other obstacles for BMX, MTB, scooters, inline skates, and skateboarding.


  • Owning and operating the longest indoor private ramp (skate) park in the country
  • 2-developing the “decade anthology” a video series showcasing several world’s first in the “decade” category of tricks
  • 3-Being the first flatland rider to develop a spot (training facility) for flatland at his personal residence.

2017 Goals

Travel to several (at least three) new countries previously unexplored.

Fun Fact

When not riding my bike I enjoy exploring new places weather in my own backyard of Ohio or a new destination world wide.

Favorite GU Product

  • Vanilla GU Energy Gel
  • Wild-Berry Energy Stroopwafel
  • Watermelon Hydration Mix

Nutrition Tips

My riding regiment goes as follows… pre-riding smoothie or endurance boost–usually full of vitamins, electrolytes, and sometimes caffeine. I always stretch for about 15 minutes before riding, and once I begin to ride I have several warm up tricks I do to loosen up.
During the riding session I drink a variety of the Gu Energy drinks, and GU Energy Chews.
After the session I always make a recovery smoothie consisting of a banana, fresh cut pineapple (source of Bromelain) almond milk, recovery powered, protein power, turmeric power, and ice. sometimes to change the flavor I will add different berries, honey, peanut butter, or cinnamon.