Kelowna, BC


Sonya Looney has raced her mountain bike in the Sahara Desert, Himalayas, tropical jungles, and mountain ranges all over the world. Her spirit for adventure, personal growth, and taking on new challenges has driven her to over 25 race wins in her career on just about every continent. Her specialty is stage races, 100 milers, and 24 hour racing with a World Champion title (2015) and 4 USA National Champion Titles. Not only does Sonya love endurance racing, but she also started racing Enduro stage races in 2016. Her favorite thing about mountain biking is technical riding. She loves the adrenaline, focus, and confidence required to race downhill on some of the most difficult trails in the areas she races.

Sonya is also a motivational speaker including a TED Talk in 2015 and has given keynotes in several different industry conferences including leadership and business, tech, start-up, and the outdoor industry. She is an accomplished writer with over 50 published stories across 15+ publications and magazines. Her outgoing and friendly personality can be seen in her video projects and social media.

Sonya is not only focused on mountain biking, but on health and wellness. She eats a plant-based diet, has a regular meditation practice, yoga practice, and is always focused on mindfulness and personal development. She is also a personal development and wellness coach.


  • World Champion (2015 24-Hour)
  • 2x Breck Epic Winner
  • Brasil Ride Winner
  • Singletrack 6 Winner
  • 2x Yak Attack Winner
  • Breck 100 winner
  • 3x Bailey Hundo winner

2017 Goals

Build out my speaking career and create a lot of content around wellness; learn how to hit gap jumps with confidence’ fine tune time management with a healthy routine and consistent schedule when I’m home; start a podcast.

Fun Fact

I eat a plant-based diet and can play 5 instruments!

Favorite GU Product

  • GU Roctane Energy Drink Mix! I can power through anything with that jet fuel!

Nutrition Tips

Make sure you drink enough water when you eat a gel or are drinking sports drink. I put my gel in a flask, add water, and sip water when I eat or take a gel.

I like using the CamelBak Charm when I race (endurance races; I usually do not have anyone to hand me bottles) and one bottle on my bike. Most full suspension bikes have just one bottle cage. I hate taking up precious real estate in my pockets with a 2nd bottle and I hate the way it makes my jersey bounce around on bumpy trails. The Charm is a 50oz CamelBak, but you can still access all of your jersey pockets (like my gel flask!). I don’t always fill the bladder; but will strategically carry both water and Roctane depending on how far the aide stations are. I try to minimize stopping as much as possible.

I use food to help with recovery! Arugula, beets, tart cherry juice, and hibiscus tea are a just a few of my secrets! Eating a plant-based diet will also make you faster!

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