Lancaster, Pennsylvania


Born in Kenya and raised in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, trail runner Zach Miller now resides in the Colorado Rockies where he trains for some of the toughest trail races in the world. Living six miles deep in the backcountry of Pike’s Peak, Miller works as a year-round caretaker at the historic Barr Camp. Situated at 10,200 feet in elevation, the camp gives Zach easy access to trails that reach as high as 14,000 feet. In 2013, he broke into the scene with his surprise 1st place win at the JFK 50, after having gained entry to the race only a week before. His win was extra surprising given that he had done much of his training while living and working on a cruise ship. Since then, he has achieved a multitude of victories from two first place wins at the North Face Endurance Challenge 50 in 2015 and 2016, as well as wins at the 2014 Lake Sonoma 50, the 2015 CCC 101K, and the 2016 Madeira Island Ultra Trail 115K. In addition to racing ultras Zach also enjoys shorter distance mountain races, snowshoe running, and chopping wood. And we mustn’t forget eating! Weather it’s gels and stroop waffles on the trail or a hearty dinner after a long day of training, Zach loves to eat!


  • 1st Place 2013 JFK 50 Mile
  • 1st Place 2014 Lake Sonoma 50 Mile
  • 1st Place 2015 CCC 101K
  • 1st Place 2015 TNF 50 Mile
  • 1st Place 2016 Madeira Island Ultra Trail 115K
  • 1st Place 2016 TNF 50 Mile

2017 Goals

  • Improve my race day fueling.
  • Improve my fitness, strength, and endurance.
  • Get better on technical terrain and improve my downhill running.
  • Grow as a person.

Fun Fact

I was born in Kenya.

Favorite GU Product

Summit Tea Roctane Drink Mix

Nutrition Tips

When you need a bonk breaker, eat Summit Tea powder straight up.