Caroline Gaynor is a guide for impaired athletes, and has helped blind triathletes reach the finish line in 6 IRONMANS and 30+ triathlons. She loves to compete, which is why she’s decided to dedicate herself to helping others experience the satisfaction that comes from achieving a goal or personal best while racing. 

Caroline trains hard and knows that nutrition is key to a successful race.  When she’s out on the course, she’s not just racing for herself, which is even more important for her to have an effective nutrition plan.

It’s people like Caroline that make us excited to be part of the endurance athlete community.  Thanks for showing us how to #GUForIt.  

3 thoughts on “Attached at the Hip

  1. This is my friend Caroline Gaynor. She was the co director of RWB Triathlon when I started doing triathlons in 2013. I completed 5 triathlons that year and became discouraged at the end of the year when I realized because of my service connected disability, the only triathlons I could do would be sprint triathlons. I messaged her and she encouraged me to continue. As a result of that message, I was able to meet her in person at the RWB National Triathlon Camp where she was the guide for another disabled veteran. I believe what she does is extraordinary because she gives up her own goals to make sure someone else’s goals are met in the most extraordinary way. She will always be my hero and will be my friend for the rest of my life.

  2. Actually, Gu, most endurance athletes are focused on themselves, while Caroline’s commitment to paratriathlon and paracycling is pretty much unique. She is a real heroine, and a role model to many.

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