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Bears Ears National Monument protects over 100,000 archaeological sites and preserves world-class recreation opportunities in places like Cedar Mesa, Grand Gulch, and Indian Creek. This week GU Energy Labs employees, GU athletes, and journalists had the chance to connect with and celebrate this special place.

We believe in protecting public lands. Bears Ears National Monument, along with other monuments, is under review by the Department of the Interior, and your chance to comment on this review ends at midnight tonight. We encourage you to make your voice heard.

10 thoughts on “Bears Ears National Monument is Under Threat

  1. They aren’t building more land… We’ve got to protect and shelter Bear’s Head Natl. or we’ll lose this precious area.

  2. Please protect and preserve Bear Ears National Monuments. Now more than ever, all of our national monuments should be celebrated and protected. They are a valuable resource, a means of happiness and enjoyment, that should be around for generations to come. These naturally beautiful places and the recreational opportunities they offer are some of America’s greatest treasures, we must treat them as such.

  3. I am a Utah resident and I have been using GU products since their inception. Keep up the good work.
    The Bears Ear land was doing just fine under state and local government control. I hope that President Trump reverses Obama’s federal government land grab and returns this precious land to state and local government control where it belongs.

  4. I wish there were a petroglyph that said, “What the Hell are you people thinking? This is ancient stuff–like OLDER THAN Ivanka. We have to preserve our past so that we remember where we came from, how ideas have evolved, and what mistakes to keep from repeating.” The petroglyph that I am picturing has a tall, gaunt, guy with a beard and stove-pipe hat lecturing an aging fat guy with tiny hands and some weird hair-wedge on top of his head.

  5. Protect and expand public land. Private entities now hold more land than they can reasonably use or protect…most with future exploit in mind. Expand National Park Services to protect and administer our public lands. Limit “private lease” arrangements of public land (many of which are essentially for-free gravy trains for the rich and connected).

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