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Last weekend, ultrarunner mountain biker Rob Krar finished 14th in the competitive Leadville Trail 100 MTB race in 7:08:27. Since he was already in Leadville, he decided to doubleback and toe the line at the Leadville Trail 100 Run just one week later.

While relatively new to the competitive mountain biking scene, Rob is a veteran ultrarunner and even has a Leadville Trail 100 Run title to his name from 2014. During his downtime between races, we caught up with Rob to find out how he’s switching gears from two wheels to two feet.

On Saturday, you rode 100 grueling miles. Did you get out for a run the next day? 

The difference between the impact of riding 100 miles versus running 100 miles on the body is dramatic. I’ll be broken and hobbling for days after a 100 run, but aside from feeling extremely fatigued, my body feels fantastic after the Leadville ride! If I hadn’t been hoping to race a week after the ride, I probably would have taken the Sunday off, but I hit a slow and easy recovery run instead.


How did you reward yourself while still staying focused on the next event?

Other than a glutinous lunch at the Golden Burro Cafe the day after the race, I’m staying pretty focused on the task at hand.

Do you rely on any special recovery equipment to help your body bounce back?

I’m always adamant about getting calories in quickly after a hard effort. Chocolate Smoothie Recovery Drink Mix was my go-to after finishing the ride on Saturday. I’m a fan of NormaTec Recovery Boots and have spent a decent amount of time in them the past few days. Active isolated stretching is always part of my daily routine, too.


After the ride, what was most sore? What are you doing to manage soreness?

Like I said above, a perk of riding (instead of running) is not having any sore muscles! Even my ass felt OK, thanks in part to a healthy layer of Squirrel’s Nut Butter…

After racing the MTB a week before the run, are you feeling more or less pressure to perform well during the run?

It’s one and the same for me. The only pressure I feel is any I might put on myself. I run and race for myself and always hope to have my best day out there. If I do that, the result will simply fall into place.


Do you have any goals for the run?

Run strong, run smart, and appreciate how lucky I am to be out there.

Are there any special foods/supplements you’ve added to your diet to help you recover?

Nothing much has changed on that front. My favorite is still an ice cold smoothie with Recovery Drink Mix that I begin daydreaming about too many miles out from the Vitamix.

Would you have broken 7 hours if you didn’t have the wind drag from your beard?

Do you know why there are dimples on golf balls? Same idea…

Rob’s Leadville Trail 100 MTB Nutrition Plan


  • Breakfast: Coffee and oats 90 minutes before = 200 calories
  • Before start: GU Roctane Energy Gel 5 minutes before = 100 calories


  • Start: 2 bottles Roctane Energy Drink Mix = 500 calories
  • Base Columbine outbound (43 miles): 1 bottle Roctane Energy Drink Mix = 250 calories
  • Base Columbine inbound (57 miles): 1 bottle Roctane Energy Drink Mix = 250 calories
  • Pipeline inbound (73 miles): 2 bottles Roctane Energy Drink Mix = 500 calories
  • Throughout the race: 8 Roctane Energy Gels = 800 calories 

Total: 2,400 calories over 7 hours = 342 calories/hr


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