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25-Year Barrel Aged Energy Gel

As Dr. Bill Vaughan crafted his first batch of GU Energy Gels 25 years ago, he set aside a single barrel of both Chocolate Outrage and Vanilla Bean in a secret storage room. As we dug through our archives to create our 25th Birthday Timeline, we noticed a cloyingly sweet aroma in the air and saw, perched in the corner, two barrels labeled ‘First Batch.’

So, on the 25th Birthday of GU Energy Labs, we tapped into these barrels to launch limited-edition Barrel Aged Energy Gels.

Aged for 25 years, the complexity of the fragrance and flavor presented by these Energy Gels was influenced by their barrels, which were crafted from local eucalyptus. According to our resident GUmolier, the Energy Gels have “mellowed to deliver a sophisticated, subtle mouthfeel.”

Chocolate Outrage has matured with notes of rich, baked cocoa, while the traditional Vanilla Bean has ripened to feature buttery notes reminiscent of smooth coconut. 

As our GUmolier puts it, “the unique finish presents a tannic dryness… something I’ve yet to truly experience in my many years of gel tasting.”

We recommend enjoying these limited-edition Energy Gels while riding a Peugeot Professionnel or running in pair of Nike Huarache shoes. 

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