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Fighting Pediatric Cancer with Love

Cancer does not discriminate. It spares no age, race, or nationality. It has no regard for the lives that it destroys.

Cancer first entered my life twelve years ago when my dad announced that he had melanoma. I watched my father, a strong and vibrant man, painfully wither away in less than two months time, the disease completely ravaging his body.

Four years and three months ago, and on Valentine’s Day (not that I’m counting) my wife was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer. Aggressive radiation and chemo treatments were followed by invasive surgery to remove the tumor and affected lymph nodes. Being the fighter and vibrant soul that she is, my wife beat the cancer and continues to live a very active life.  As the Executive Director of the NorCal High School Cycling League, she has dedicated herself to getting more kids on bikes.

Speaking of bikes, for the next seven days, my wife and I will be pedaling our way from Los Angeles to San Francisco for the Pablove Foundation.  The Pablove Foundation is a group dedicated to fighting childhood cancer with love. We will be joined on the road by thirty-five other committed riders from all over the country, many of whom have done multiple Pablove rides the past seven years, and a handful of them have participated every year. Each rider raised at least $7K to join this band of cycling brothers and sisters, who all share the common thread of cancer.

What does the Pablove Foundation do? Their mission is two pronged when it comes to fighting childhood cancer: one is to support pediatric cancer research, and the other is to support their burgeoning Pablove Shutterbugs photography program.

– Yuri Hauswald, Community Development Manager for GU Energy Labs

You can follow Yuri’s progress as he and his wife ride up the coast using #pablovecycling or at the GU Energy Labs Facebook page and Instagram feed.