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Roctane Supports Hardrock

The iconic Island Lake along the Hardrock Hundred course is looking a little different this year!  A record snowfall last winter means much of the terrain above 12,000 ft is still covered under a blanket of snow, and avalanche danger and deep snow over swollen creeks makes traveling by foot in the San Juans difficult and dangerous. 

Photo by Myke Hermsmeyer from the same spot in 2016.

Treacherous snow conditions this year lead to the difficult (but necessary) decision that the Hardrock Hundred board of directors made to cancel the 2019 edition of the race, which was supposed to be held on July 19th.

The Hardrock Hundred is a legendary 100-mile ultramarathon through the rugged San Juan Mountains that starts and finishes in Silverton, CO.  GU Energy Labs and the Hardrock Hundred share a special bond since they were both founded in 1993.

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Since our line of ROCTANE products for high intensity and long duration activities was inspired by this epic race, we wanted to join a few of the race’s other sponsors to give back to the community that will be hit economically by the cancellation.

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10% from ROCTANE for Hardrock

During the month of July, we’re donating 10% of sales from any ROCTANE product purchased on to the Hardrock Hundred Community Fund. Our hope is that this modest contribution can help offset the negative economic effects felt by the community.  

  • Ultimate Direction will be donating 10% of sales from their 2019 Hardrocker Vest.
  • Smart Wool is donating proceeds form their special edition Hardrock Hundred shirts.
  • Altra is donating all proceeds from a special edition gaiter. 

The Roctane Difference

Our line of ROCTANE products are boosted with more of the ingredients your body needs for high intensity training and racing… events like the Hardrock Hundred. Stock up for your summer training and racing, and know that you’re supporting the greater Hardrock community with your purchase!


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