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Breaking a Trash Tradition

Post by Yuri Hauswald, GU Energy Lab’s Community Development Manager.

Nobody likes seeing the trails they run on, or the roads they ride, cluttered with sports nutrition waste. Whether it’s ours, or other brand’s, we take litter seriously here at GU Energy Labs, especially when it involves events that we support.  That’s why, for the past two years, we’ve led a group of riders on a trash clean-up sweep after the Death Ride in Markleville, CA.

Also known as the Tour of the California Alps, this 129 mile ride, that includes 15,000 ft of climbing over iconic Sierra passes like Monitor, Ebbetts and Carson, attracts over 3,000 riders. With that many folks out on the roads, it is, unfortunately, inevitable there will be sports nutrition litter left behind. To help eliminate the impact of this annual event, we’ve taken the initiative the past two years to sweep the course on Sunday.

To be as efficient as possible this year’s trash collecting crew broke the 129-mile route into four segments: Carson Pass, East Monitor Pass, West Monitor Pass and Ebbetts Pass. Armed with CamelBaks and trash bags, teams set out early to clear their segments. Maybe it was the event messaging about litter, riders being more responsible/conscientious with their sports nutrition waste, or a combination of the two, but there was less trash on course than 2015. Less litter on course, while encouraging, is still litter that shouldn’t be there, but at least there seemed to be an improvement.

GU_Recycling_Champions-social_media-v1-us_InstagramWhile no endurance nutrition brand is immune from contributing to this problem, GU Energy has made a commitment to being part of the solution. We love events that bring people together, and we also love the roads and trails where we ride and run. This is why we’ve partnered with Terracycle and created the Performance Nutrition Brigade to help encourage people to collect and recycle their trash.

What would your riding buddies think of you if you started asking them for their empty gel packets?  Well, now you have a reason to find out!

Sign-up for Terracycle and #StashYourTrash.