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Death Ride: A Cleansed Course

It’s not about us, it’s about you, the Death Ride, and providing a platform for sustainable use of the places we play. For the past few years, GU Energy Labs has enjoyed participating in the Death Ride prior to providing Sunday course cleaning. In 2017, along with CamelBak and TerraCycle, GU collected waste on Carson Pass, Ebbetts Pass, and Monitor Pass. Six riders rallied to fill six CamelBak packs and two trash bags.


With assistance from CamelBak, GU Energy Labs gathered heaps of trash. Pictured: Sean Bird


With origins dating to the early 1970s, Death Ride developed from SuperTour, a two-week cycling event. Nestled in SuperTour, the single day of Death Ride proved to be a keeper. Now, fast-forward to 2017 where more than 2,000 participants tackle five passes, 129 miles, and a ridiculous amount of vertical gain that hovers around 15,000 feet. All passes top out over 8,000 feet in elevation. “The views were incredible,” said Joe Hughes, a first-time Death Ride attendee and course clean-up rider. “The ride support was great and I really enjoyed the local cheering sections. They totally helped me out on a couple sections.”

After completing Death Ride on Saturday, a crew of six riders gathered for a Sunday clean-up ride.


For Death Ride, plenty of activity caused the need for a proper course cleaning. In 2014, rider waste peaked, which caused the need for change. In collaboration with CamelBak and TerraCycle, GU has provided a Sunday course-cleaning crew for the past two years. In 2015, approximately 10 pounds of debris, packets, and wrappers were collected. For 2017, our course-cleaning crew was impressed with the decreased amount of litter, both on Saturday, during Death Ride, and on Sunday, while cleaning.

GU Energy Labs is pleased to work with local cyclists, all while giving back to meaningful events. Pictured: Andy Bunnell, Photo: Brian Bauer.


With this in mind, positive change is taking place. As athletes, thank you very much for your assistance, while making both an environmentally and socially-conscious contribution. “You should want to have clean, unlittered places and feel pride in cleaning up your area of use,” said Joe Hughes. In the past, nutritional waste and litter have been common issues. While it still exists, we’re trying to change that conundrum.

With our environment and courses in mind, GU Energy Labs is committed to giving back, while reducing nutritional waste. Pictured: Nat Tschoban


At GU, we partnered with TerraCycle to reduce our nutritional waste. They make products from materials that are difficult to recycle and, otherwise, destined for landfills. As we reduce nutritional waste, our aim is to make a positive contribution. Along with TerraCycle, affordable, innovative products are being upcycled. To play a part, find additional details about the relationship between GU and TerraCycle.

Whether you’re a rider or a runner, continue to stash your trash, while considering upcycling with GU and TerraCycle. To all who attended Death Ride, thank you for your assistance in leaving no trace. We’ll see you in 2018.

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