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We are thrilled to be the Official On-Course Energy Chew Sponsor at the Biofreeze San Francisco Marathon! Sunday, July 28th will mark the 42nd Annual Biofreeze San Francisco Marathon. From an early morning start to the sunrise on the Golden Gate Bridge; you’ll enjoy 26.2 miles touring all San Francisco has to offer! Here are 5 insider tips on how to crush it at this year’s 2019 Biofreeze San Francisco Marathon.


Expect cool and overcast weather for this race – perfect for running a marathon. With an early morning start, the first few miles will be dark, and you’ll get the majority of the miles in before the marine layer burns off. Heads up when running across the Golden Gate Bridge — it can be damp and drizzly due to the fog. Be careful and watch your footing during these miles. Rubber mats are placed over certain sections to prevent slipping, but please be mindful of runners around you. Also, as a courtesy to faster runners, slower runners stay to the right of the walkway. Are you a speedster? Proceed with caution and politely announce “on your left,” when passing.


The most difficult hill climbs are during the first half as you make your way up onto the Golden Gate Bridge. Pace yourself during this portion, and make sure to reserve your energy for the second half as it is flatter and faster. There are some pretty steep downhills as well, so be kind to your knees and tread lightly. Also, be aware of the zig-zag traffic patterns — you may be asked to cut over to a different street than the people running in front of you (but don’t worry, the distance is still the same.) This is the section where you’ll see a lot of police officers directing traffic, so be sure to thank them and the other volunteers out on the course.


We are the official on-course energy chew product on course at the Biofreeze San Francisco Marathon! Our Energy Chews are crafted to supply portable, easily digestible energy energy and nutrients like electrolytes and amino acids. We’ll have all four flavors on course: Watermelon, Orange, Blueberry Pomegranate, and Strawberry* (*has 20mg of caffeine per serving.) Eat one serving (four pieces) every 30-45 minutes while running. You’ll be able to locate GU Energy Chews at Water Stops mile 12 and mile 21. (Not into chews? Stop by the pre-race expo and stock up on our Energy Gels!)


Mantras will help get you through the quieter parts of the course. While in Golden Gate Park, take a look around — you may spot a buffalo! Golden Gate Park is a scenic 5-mile portion of the marathon, with spectacular flower gardens, ponds, and paths lined with lots of trees to make it nice and shady. There will be a gradual downhill until you hit mile 15.5, where you’ll take a slight elevation gain out toward Haight Street. Remember to fuel with Energy Chews and remember your positive mantra to help power you through.


As you celebrate through the finish line chute, don’t forget to grab water, snacks, and a finisher’s medal and photo. If you’re 21 or over, enjoy your well-deserved complimentary beer from Sufferfest (but don’t forget to get in some protein to start rebuilding your muscles!) If you earned other Challenge Medals at this race, there will be a tent near the finish line where you can retrieve them (they will not be handing them out as you cross the finish line.)

Haven’t signed up for this year’s 2019 Biofreeze San Francisco Marathon? There is still time to register for 2019 Biofreeze SF Marathon, Half or 5k! Can’t join us race day? Sign up for our virtual race option. Save 20% off registration with promo code “GU20” at checkout. See you on July 28th