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How Do You GU?

At GU Energy Labs, we are in the business of building better athletes. This mission guides our company and product development as we work with athletes of all levels from around the world. How Do You GU? works to improve how athletes approach nutrition in sport. Sports nutrition, which can be as simple as a bottle of water or as precise as you want to make it, will make or break any workout.

Thoughtful sports nutrition isn’t limited to professional athletes or PR attempts. Improving your nutrition protocol is a step in the process of bettering oneself as an athlete. Explore your energy, hydration, electrolyte and supplement intake to understand how you can perform maximally for each workout and race day. Whether you have never given much thought to sports nutrition or you are missing that final piece of the puzzle, we are here to help.

We want you to ask yourself How Do You GU? and prepare to elevate your level of sport.

Let us know How Do You GU?

How Do You GU? Nutrition Plans Triathlon Ironman World Championships          Kona, HI Reid Swanson, Sales Manager at GU Triathlon Ironman World Championships          Kona, HI Mirinda Carfrae, Ironman World Champion Cycling Leadville Trail 100 MTB Race Brian Vaughan, Chief Endurance Officer, GU