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Introducing GUber Eats!

We’ve all been there… you’re out on a run or ride, you feel the dreaded bonk coming on, but you don’t have any Gels, Chews, or Stroops to keep you going! 

Introducing GUber Eats

From the makers of the original Energy Gel, GUber Eats is the ONLY on-demand sports nutrition delivery app that brings YOU your favorite nutrition delivered by your FAVORITE professional athletes!

Now you can ride and run with confidence knowing that delicious, portable energy is just a tap away.  

Feel a bonk coming on?

STEP 1: Download the guber eats app
STEP 2: Choose the energy & hydration that’s right for you
STEP 3: tap the athlete you want to deliver it!
STEP 4: High five your delivery athlete and enjoy!