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Lael Wilcox: Trans America and Tour Divide Champ, Mentor, Scholarship Provider

A decade ago, Lael Wilcox just used her bike to get around town. Then she had an idea: if she could ride her bike for a few miles, why couldn’t she ride it across the country?
An unusual mental leap to make, perhaps, but Lael has proved it out. She’s been traveling and racing around the world by bicycle since then, riding from Anchorage to Banff, Alberta…just to get to the start of the Tour Divide race. Where she set a new women’s record.
Lael is also the outright winner (both men’s and women’s divisions) of the 2016 Trans Am race, which she won in incredibly dramatic fashion.
Yuri and Fatty talk about these races and the way Lael gives to the cycling community — by mentoring schoolgirls and with a cycling scholarship to a woman cyclist — in this incredibly inspiring episode of The GU Energy Pinnacle Podcast.  

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