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Listen: Transforming Life through Adventure with Sunny Stroeer | Pinnacle Podcast

From Harvard MBA to Big Wall Climbing

Sunny Stroeer used to be a hard-charging strategy consultant armed with an MBA from Harvard. However, shortly after her 30th birthday, she said goodbye to her job and most of her possessions and went to live in an Astrovan. Since then, she's lived her life as a full-time runner and climber.

She’s done big-wall climbs, multi-day paddling trips, 100 milers, and everything in between. Her specialty is anything high-altitude-endurance, and she holds speed records on Aconcagua and on the Annapurna Circuit. She can do it all!

In this episode, Yuri and Fatty talk with Sunny about her own transformation from couch potato to endurance icon. They also discuss how Sunny is now paying that transformation forward through her adventure-company, AWExpeditions, and their Summit Scholarship.

Sunny and her partner were one of the first adventure companies to cancel their programs ahead of the coronavirus outbreak, and she discusses how they made this decision and the impacts it has had on their young business.

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