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New Flavors for April

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For years, we’ve been asked by athletes to create Energy Gel flavors that taste more like the food we eat when we’re not training. After all, we know what it’s like to get an intense craving during a long training session – sometimes you just have to have a spicy tuna roll or maybe it’s some fresh-cooked gnocchi. Here at GU Energy Labs, we were inspired by cravings like these to create our two newest flavors – Soy Sauce Energy Gel and Pesto Energy Gel.

Picture this – you’re on a long trail run in the Pacific Northwest, and you stumble on a shallow creek packed with hearty salmon… You spot a particularly plump fish and thrust your hand into the water to grab it, but then you hesitate.  Without soy sauce and wasabi, you know the raw salmon just won’t satisfy your sushi craving.

Trust us – we’ve been there! Frustrating fueling disasters like this are why we’re launching our Soy Sauce Energy Gel. Never again will you be caught without the perfect topping for your mid-run fresh-caught sushi.

Now, take a journey with us to the Italian countryside… You’ve been cycling for hours, enjoying the views of quaint villages and rolling hills, when you spot it – a fresh pot of homemade farfalle. It’s unattended, just begging to be eaten. You’re about to dig in, when you realize your authentic Italian snack won’t be complete without a proper topping.

Pesto Energy Gel

Trust us – we know how you feel! And that’s why we’ve developed an Energy Gel that doubles as a portable pasta-topper. No longer will those wayward pots of rotini or linguine to go un-sauced during your country rides.


Happy April Fools’ Day!