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Mirinda “Rinny” Carfrae has podiumed during six of her seven attempts at the IRONMAN World Championship in Kona, placing second at this year’s race in October.  She’s a New Zealander living in Boulder, CO, which is where our hosts Yuri and Fatty caught up with her following her return after a much-deserved vacation.

They covered topics like post-race recovery, bucket list races like a marathon and the Leadville 100, how to stay focused when a race isn’t going your way, and much more. This is a can’t-miss episode of The Pinnacle Podcast, loaded with information and inspiration any athlete will want to hear.

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Pinnacle Podcast LogoWelcome to The Pinnacle Podcast, a discussion with athletes, coaches, and nutrition experts across the spectrum of endurance sports. In each episode, our hosts Fatty and Yuri will explore the inspirational stories behind great athletic feats and glean valuable insight from their guests’ successes and failures.