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Pinnacle Podcast: MTB Icon and Six-Time Leadville Trail 100 Winner

Dave Wiens sits down with Yuri and Fatty to talk about his family, why he races, trail advocacy, and his favorite memories from the Leadville Trail 100 — including an extraordinary talk-through of what he considers his most intense racing of the Leadville 100 MTB race.  The Leadville 100 MTB race is months away, but race confirmations have just come out now, which means that those of you who got in for 2017 will want to listen to this inspiring six-time race winner tell his tale. And for those of you who didn’t get in…well, this will get you charged up for either the qualifying series or whatever other races you plan to do.


About The Pinnacle Podcast

Welcome to The Pinnacle Podcast, a discussion with athletes, coaches, and nutrition experts across the spectrum of endurance sports. In each episode, our hosts Fatty and Yuri will explore the inspirational stories behind great athletic feats and glean valuable insight from their guests’ successes and failures.