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Pinnacle Podcast: Racing, Personal Growth, and Being a Secret Plant-Fueled Athlete

Sonya Looney is a world-champion cyclist. She’s a speaker. She’s a scientist with a Master’s in Electrical Engineering. She’s an entrepreneur. And she’s a healthy and successful plant-based professional athlete. In this episode of The GU Energy Pinnacle Podcast, Yuri Hauswald and Elden talk with Sonya about why five-year plans aren’t as important as continuous personal growth, what it’s like to give a TED talk, why her favorite race last year was one she had no experience in, how her (almost) vegan lifestyle works with her training and racing, and a lot more. It’s an inspiring and informative episode of The Pinnacle. Don’t miss it!

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About The Pinnacle Podcast

Welcome to The Pinnacle Podcast, a discussion with athletes, coaches, and nutrition experts across the spectrum of endurance sports. In each episode, our hosts Fatty and Yuri will explore the inspirational stories behind great athletic feats and glean valuable insight from their guests’ successes and failures.