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Pinnacle Podcast Season 2: Transitions


Guidance and Strategies From Athletes and Experts for Your 2018 Transformation

It’s 2018! A new year means new goals. Whether you’ve committed to try something new or to bring your training to the next level, it’s a great time to gather up the inspiration and information you need to take your dream of transformation and make it real.

Tune in to the first episode in season 2 of the GU Energy Labs Pinnacle Podcast, hosted by Elden “Fatty” Nelson and Yuri Hauswald.


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The first two conversations in this episode are with Chelsea Sodaro and Geoff Kabush, two extraordinary athletes who know all about what it means to take on new goals.

In her former life, Chelsea Sodaro was an accomplished professional runner who saw more than her fair share of success and challenges in her career. But in 2016, she did something audacious: she decided to become a professional triathlete despite having little or no formal training in two of the three triathlon disciplines.

Undeterred, she set out to transform herself on this new path and embraced everything this new sport brought her. Fast forward to today, Chelsea is entering her second triathlon season and looking forward to building on the extraordinary foundation she created with her 2017 transformation.

Geoff Kabush has been a pro mountain biker for decades. He’s competed in the Olympics three times and is a multi-time world and national champion.

You’d think Geoff would be the very picture of holding steady, toeing the line… but you’d be wrong. The reason Geoff has been able to compete fiercely into his forties is he is always transforming: having fun, staying fresh, and looking for new ways to have amazing adventures on the bike.


Adam Pulford of Carmichael Training Systems is Yuri’s coach, and in our conversation with him, it really comes through that he loves to help athletes — not just to attain the goals they’ve set, but to set the goals that really matter.

In their conversation, Adam, Yuri, and Fatty talk about focusing on the importance of understanding the “why” behind your goals. Adam also shares the critical (and very pragmatic) guidance of “action before emotion” — guidance that has already affected both Pinnacle hosts’ training.

This episode is a full hour of training tips, secrets, and hard-earned experience for athletes. Make the GU Energy Labs Pinnacle Podcast a part of your 2018 transformation by subscribing wherever you get your podcasts, including Apple Podcasts (aka iTunes), Google Play, Stitcher, Spotify or using our RSS feed with whatever you use to listen to podcasts with.

Top Ten Takeaways From the Episode

Tips from Chelsea:

1. Be a beginner again. Try something new to recapture the feeling of making big improvements in a short period of time.
2. Push yourself by training with people faster / stronger than you. (But don’t forget to acknowledge your own strengths and improvements.)
3. Be fluid.  Accept both setbacks and positive developments in your trajectory. Focus on one event at a time, and leave yourself open to the possibility of doing even better than you had hoped.
4. Part of the beauty of sport is that things rarely go according to plan. Our ability to adapt is one of the things that makes competing exciting.

Tips from Geoff:

5. Keep things fresh. Look for ways to find adventure in what you do, no matter what sport.
6. Balance is important. If you’re so focused on an event that you stop having time for important people in your life, you need to course correct.
7. Do something new. Try something different than your #1 sport.

Tips from Coach Adam:

8. Focus on your “Why.” Why you do what you do? What does it mean to you? If you know that, you can fight through the hard times in training and races.
9. Get organized. Build a plan that works on both your strengths and weaknesses.
10. Put action before emotion. Everyone has bad days. When that happens, suit up and at least do your warm-up. If you still don’t feel like you can train, give yourself a break. But always at least start.