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Pinnacle Podcast: The Renaissance Waterman

Mindful Meditation, Ocean Advocacy, and Training Athletes with Spinal Injuries 

Bruckner Chase is a true renaissance man. A professional endurance waterman and ocean advocate, he also trains athletes with spinal injuries as well as prone paddlers and swimmers in open water. He set a no-wetsuit record swim in Alaska and has logged historic swims between islands in American Samoa. He’s finished The Coolangatta Gold three times, which is the pinnacle surf-lifesaving event in the world. Last year, he became first American to earn a spot on the winners’ podium! And at 50 years old, he’s an inspiration to anyone who sees middle age as an opportunity to accelerate, not slow down. If you’re looking for a treasure trove of inspiration and inspiration, Bruckner’s chat with Yuri and Fatty is a must-listen.
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