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PINNACLE PODCAST: Two More to Go Until 300 Marathons

Carol Dellinger has been a competitive athlete her entire life. She played professional fast pitch softball until trading in her softball glove for a pair of running shoes in 1992, Over the next 17 years, she completed 235 marathons. Yup, you read that right, 235 marathons. But arguably her toughest “competition” to date was when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in November of 2009. Carol tackled the disease like she does her marathons, with grit, determination, and spirit. Now, seven years later, she is 100% cancer free. Oh, and since her diagnosis, she ran another 56 marathons and is quickly approaching her 300th! As Carol likes to say, “ You never know how strong you have to be until being strong is the only option.” In this episode, Carol discusses her battle with cancer, her role as a motivational speaker, and the importance of getting early detection mammograms.

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