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Tim Tollefson is fast. Like, REALLY fast. He’s been a college steeplechaser, a road marathoner, an Olympic Trials qualifier in the marathon… and most recently, he’s an ultra-trail runner. In addition to being the 2014 U.S. 50k Trail Champion, he just podiumed in the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc — the world’s most prestigious trail century. In this episode, Tim tells Yuri and Fatty the whole story. If you love big stories about big races, this is a Pinnacle Podcast you will NOT want to miss.

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About The Pinnacle Podcast

Welcome to The Pinnacle Podcast, a discussion with athletes, coaches, and nutrition experts across the spectrum of endurance sports. In each episode, our hosts Fatty and Yuri will explore the inspirational stories behind great athletic feats and glean valuable insight from their guests’ successes and failures.