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The Cycling Community, At Its Finest

Here at GU Energy Labs, the roads north of San Francisco in Sonoma County are our playground, which is one of the reasons we love participating in Levi’s GranFondo.  It’s also why we are saddened by the destruction caused by the recent Valley Fire in that community.

The Valley Fire is now the 6th most destructive fire in California’s history, and in a small effort to help the communities effected, Levi’s GranFondo has boosted fundraising efforts to support the Valley Fire relief.  Efforts like these make us proud to be part of the cycling community.

7,000 Riders, 100 Miles, 9,000 ft. of Climbing

On Saturday Oct. 3rd, over 7,000 cyclists will roll out of downtown Santa Rosa and try to keep up with the great Levi Leipheimer over his home-hills of Sonoma County.  This year, riders will also be pedaling to support some great charitable programs including, Forget Me Not Farm, The NorCal HS Cycling League, Velostreet Cycling Initiative and relief efforts for the nearby Valley Fire.

GU Energy is thrilled to be this year’s hydration sponsor, since it’s going to be particularly hot out there on Saturday.  We’ll be at all of the aid stations providing GU Hydration Drink Mix (70 calories, 500mg sodium) to help riders stave off dehydration and leg cramps.

We will also be shaking up our tasty new Recovery Drink Mix to make sure riders get the carbohydrates, protein, and amino acids that their muscles are screaming for after pedaling for 100+ miles.  (We want to make sure everyone recovers before the post-ride festivities get underway!)

Visit our booth next to NorCal Bike Sport to try out our new recovery drink!

The “Golden Bottle” Challenge

Are you riding Levi’s GF?  Well here’s some motivation for you – the first 200 riders who make it to the top of the King Ridge climb get rewarded with a Levi’s GranFondo special edition Camelback Bottle.  (It’ll be filled with GU Hydration Drink, of course.)

Riding the Ride

The GU Crew will be out in force on Saturday.  Seven employees will mashing their pedals to earn bragging rights around the office on Monday.  If you’re out there riding, make sure to introduce yourself.  And if you’re really feeling generous, you can offer to break wind for one of the stragglers to even the playing field.

Here’s who’s getting involved from the GU Crew.