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Each evening, as the 550 runner participating in the TransRockies Run gather around to celebrate the day’s performances and learn about the trail they’ll be covering tomorrow, the MC also celebrates two “Mountain Heroes” for the day… a man and a woman who demonstrated something special while out on the trail.  Stage one’s Mountain Heroes were a man who stopped multiple times to pick up trash along the trail and a woman who ran the entire stage in a dress… trashy and classy!

It was all about hydration and staying cool during the first state of the 2016 TransRockies Run, which covered 20 miles and 2500 vertical feet.  GU Crew runners took the top podium spots in the men’s team (David Laney and Ryan Ghelfi), co-ed team (Magda Boulet and Brian Gillis), and 3-day solo (Max King) competitions on the first day.


Teammates Amanda and Keely finishing a strong Stage 1 near Buena Vista, CO.