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How to Build Sixty Miles of Singletrack in Your City’s Backyard

In 2005, several thousand acres in Draper, UT were planned for residential development. Today, that  area is instead home to 60 miles of beautifully-executed public singletrack for hikers, equestrians, and — above all — mountain bikers. And the trail network is still growing, with at least 40 more miles of trail to come over the next few years.

And not only is the city of Draper OK with this use of the area, it’s actively planning, paying for, and staffing what has become known as Corner Canyon Park, an example of what happens when athletes have a vision and get involved with the city…and then stay involved and work toward that vision for more than a decade.

If you’ve ever wondered whether you can make a difference, Yuri and Fatty’s conversation with Jamie Pogue and Jeff Stenquist (cyclists, trail volunteers, and members of the city council) will inspire you in a big way. This is a can’t-miss episode of how passion and dedication converted a house developer’s bankruptcy into the crown jewel of a Utah town.

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