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Fueling with Carbs Might Keep You Healthy this Winter

Staying properly fueled this winter will not only help keep you performing at your full potential, it might also keep you from getting sick!

Hard training sessions stress the body.  This stress is what helps us develop adaptations that make us stronger and faster, but it can also reduce our body’s ability to fight disease.  Why?  After a hard training sessions, our blood stream contains less of the “killer cells” that make up our immune system.  These killer cells are off in other parts of the body – our lungs, gut, and skin – responding to the potential threat signaled by a hard training session.

However, a review of recent studies found that eating carbs during a hard training session can actually reduce your risk of infection.  How?  By maintaining level blood sugar levels, your body moderates the unnecessary deployment of killer cells to the lungs, gut, and skin and keeps them in your bloodstream where they can do their job.

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