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Welcome to GU TV

We know nutrition planning is an important part of training and racing, but it’s not the only factor that influences your performance.  That’s why we are launching a video series called GU TV, which goes beyond gels and hydration to cover topics relevant to training, racing, and life as an endurance athlete.

Check out our first episode, and stay tuned for more episodes later this summer and fall!  To stay in the loop, sign up for our newsletter here.

Episode 1, Technology & Training

Yuri Hauswald sits down to talk technology with Pam Kennedy, a local Bay-Area runner who also happens to be Product Manager at GU Energy Labs.  In the first episode of GU TV, learn how technology and live-data can help inform your training, and hear how social-training platforms might even help you find a date!

Do you use to technology to track your mileage, pace, or evaluation when training?

How has increased access to data changed the way you train for your next race?