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What to Pack for an Overnight Alpine Climb

Steve House literally wrote the book on training for alpine climbing. (You can check it out here.) He’s worked as a professional mountain guide since 1992, and has helped pioneer the growth of “alpine style” climbing — think lightweight, self sufficient, fast.

He’s been a GU athlete since the early days of the company. In 2000, fueled by GU Energy Gels, he and a partner set the record up Denali’s Slovak Direct route and notched a time that was 70% faster than the previous record! (17 years later, the record still stands.)

How to Pack for an OVernight Alpine Climb

When packing for an alpine climb, you must carefully consider every extra ounce of weight you bring. Hear Steve explain why he uses Recovery Drink Mix, Energy Stroopwafels, and Roctane Energy Drink Mix to stay fueled and energized during an alpine climb.


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Summit Tea
Tropical Fruit
Strawberry Hibiscus
Energy Drink Mixed
Roctane Energy Drink Mix
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