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What Will You Accomplish Next Year?

With 2017 just around the corner, it’s a good time to reflect on ways to morph our successes and failures from 2016 into tools and resolutions that’ll help us achieve even more in the coming year.

We believe that accountability is a key ingredient of a successful goal – both because stating something in public makes it more real AND because telling your community about your goal lets them cheer and support you along the way! For example, we have a company goal board where GU employees and athletes write out their athletic goals!

We want to hear your goals!

Tell us about one of your goals and what you need to do to achieve that goal in the comments box below for a chance to win a box of Energy Chews. Also, use #GUGoals on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to share your goal with the GU community.

To get us started, here’s what a few of our athletes are up to next year:

Max King, Ultrarunner


“I’ve decided to step back from the longer stuff and focus more on big mountains. Races like Zegama, The Rut, Sierre-Zinal, and Broken Arrow. They’re some of the classic mountain races around the world. I feel like 2017 is a time to reinvigorate the intensity in my training with some shorter racing and big mountain adventures. For training, it’s going to mean big climbs, lots of time in the mountains, and some really hard efforts.”

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Meredith Edwards, Skier/Runner



“Coming off my 2nd place finish at the 2016 UTMB -TDS race, I am really excited about dialing up the distance for 2017 and have my sights set on the full UTMB.  This will have my sole focus for the coming year, with the goal of being one of the top US females.  One added dimension, or New Year’s Resolution, for my training this year will be to race several indoor track meets during the winter. The purpose of this is to come off the winter ski season with a little more raw speed in my legs, as we move into run specific training in the Spring.”

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Geoff Kabush, Mountain Biker



“Goals? Ride, drink, laugh is a phrase I like to start my approach with, as it is always my goal to have fun and appreciate life. As I near the latter part of my career I am also more and more focused on making the most of my time on and off the bike. I don’t want to have any regrets about anything I wasn’t able to do or didn’t make time for.”

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Setting a goal for 2017 is one thing… setting yourself up to achieve your goal is another.  Here are some tips from the GU Crew:

Stay hydrated – you’ve heard us say this before, but there is no simpler way to increase your output, so we’re going to keep nagging you

Make a friendly wager – nothing motivates us like winning (or losing!)

Plan, plan, plan – plan your workouts, nutrition, and meals for the week. Write them down and check them off when done – it will feel good

Work with a coach – structured training can up your effectiveness and hold you accountable

Stay strong – Don’t miss a day with achy muscle soreness. Take BCAAs before, during and after big training sessions to prevent and repair muscle damage

Train with a partner – Find a training partner so you can motivate each other on those cold rainy mornings

Share your goals – tell us your resolutions and goals here and use #GUGoals for community motivation