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In 1993 Dr. Bill Vaughan created GU Energy Gel to solve the real challenges faced by his daughter who needed easy to digest and compact energy for ultra endurance training and racing. Over twenty some years, we have grown into an energy gel and performance nutrition leader that truly cares about our community of athletes and our impact on the planet. At the dawn of 2015, we aim to be known for our passionate commitment to sport, as leaders in all forms of performance nutrition, as well as the source for nutrition planning and training expertise. Our bold new logo, clarified product naming and creative look and feel is engineered to express more fully who we are today, who we aim to be tomorrow, and allow athletes to easily combine our products into superior nutrition plans.

GU believes nutrition should be used to maximize each athlete’s performance and enjoyment of sport, first and foremost, and then do so in the most natural and sustainable way possible. That is what GU is about.


GU Energy Matrix

GU Nutrition Matrix. The intersection of hydration, energy and recovery. These are the pillars of our nutrition system. We take the latest sports and nutrition science, validate it with world class athletes as well as ourselves, and use what we learn to create energy, hydration and recovery products to maximize athletic performance and enjoyment. Period.

GU Nutrition Planning. Sound nutrition planning is based on each athlete’s body type, personal preferences, current fitness, race goals, race plan, and the changing conditions of the day. GU nutrition plans use these and other inputs to craft specific strategies to meet each athlete’s unique needsGU’s uncommonly thoughtful approach to planning is a major part of who we are. It will be a growing component of our communication with athletes going forward.

GU For It

GU FOR IT. What ever your athletic goal, there’s a GU FOR IT. This is our 2015 marketing campaign designed to encourage athletes to take on new challenges and to explain that GU’s complete line can be used with smart nutrition planning to achieve new levels of performance and enjoyment.


GU Hydration Drink Tabs

  • New formulation is sorbitol free (easy on your gut), contains xylitol for oral health (does not decay teeth like other sweeteners) and dissolves faster than the old stuff
  • Formerly known as “GU Brew Tabs,” we’ve updated their name to make it clear what our effervescent tabs do for you
  • Hydration Tabs are packed with electrolytes!
  • 10 calories a servingGU Hydration Drink Tabs

GU Hydration Drink Mix

  • Available as a single serve stick pack and in 24 serving cannisters
  • Updated last summer, and formerly know as “GU Brew,” our latest Hydration Drink Mix formula is a refreshingly light balance of electrolytes and carbohydrates
  • 70 calories
  • All flavors, including Tastefully Nude®, are now available as stick packs

GU Energy Gel

  • For the first time in 20 years we’ve updated our original formula in sync with the latest nutrition science
  • New formulation is vegan and no longer contains antioxidants which have been found to inhibit training adaptations
  • 450 mg of amino acids reduce mental fatigue and decrease muscle damage
  • 100 calories

GU Energy Chews

  • Exclusively available as a single serving packet (four chews), Chews are now easier to carry and better suit the caloric needs of athletes
  • 480 mg of amino acids
  • 100 calories
  • Formerly known as “GU Chomps”

GU Roctane Energy Gel

  • GU Roctane Energy Gel has been reformulated to replace histidine, which the body already has in abundance, with beta alanine, which the body needs
  • We also removed antioxidants which have been found to inhibit training adaptations
  • Same great taste!
  • Hard training and race-ready with 1425 mg of amino acids to reduce mental fatigue and decrease muscle damage
  • 100 calories

GU Roctane Energy Drink

  • The darkhorse ninja of our entire product line, Roctane Energy Drink will fuel you to victory
  • Hard training and race-ready with 1425 mg of amino acids to reduce mental fatigue and decrease muscle damage
  • 250 calories

GU Recovery Drink

  • The best tasting recovery drink on the market!
  • 4200 mg of amino acids to aid in muscle recovery
  • 8 g of protein to rebuild muscles
  • Carbohydrates to refuel muscles
  • 230-240 calories (depends on flavor)

GU Roctane Electrolyte Capsules

  • Great training or racing supplement to aid hydration
  • 1400 mg Sodium
  • Ginger to settle the stomach

New packaging design puts information most critical to athletes front and center — Calories, Amino Acids, Caffeine and Sodium levels on front panel.

All single serve product packaging is now recycleable via Terracycle — visit to learn more.

Whatever your athletic goal, there’s a GU FOR IT! Thanks for your passion and your business. We look forward to sharing more adventures and reaching new heights of performance with you in 2015!


— The GU Crew