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Introducing Energy GUnuts

We are incredibly excited to introduce our latest product, the GU Energy GUnut. Perfect for high-intensity office meetings and long-duration road-trips, GUnuts expand GU’s product offerings by providing performance nutrition for those non-traditional endurance activities. These delicious morsels combine a precise ratio of sugar and flour for optimized fueling.

This latest way to fuel is easy to store and eat on-the-go! Not your average donut, GUnuts are hand-crafted by our in-house product designer Salty the Yeti to include performance enhancing ingredients like caffeinated sprinkles, electrolyte-packed frosting, and a shiny glaze of BCAAs.

In addition to the full-sized GUnut, we are also pleased to announce the launch of a Do-It-Yourself GUnut-Hole Kit for portable performance snacks that fill the hole in your daily diet. Follow our step-by-step process to create fuel for you next ultra-endurance subway commute or Game of Thrones marathon.

First – insert 15-Serving Energy Gel spout into specially-baked GUnut-Hole.

Second – fill GUnut-Hole until until gel spills over the top.

Third – follow precise folding instructions using specially designed GUnut-Hole wax-paper.

Four – apply GUnut-Hole sticker to help you identify what’s inside.

Coming Soon: Boston Creme Marathon flavor with a boosted filling optimized with ingredients to power spectators cheering runners on Heartbreak Hill.