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Introducing Peanut Butter GU!

Introducing the biggest thing since sliced bread…


GU Energy Gel - Peanut Butter


With the endurance sports world watching, GU Energy Labs is thrilled to announce Peanut Butter GU, the newest flavor in the line of time-tested GU Energy Gel! The R&D folks have listened to athlete feedback and flavor requests and the wait is over; Peanut Butter GU is ready for all you nutty endurance athletes.

“The introduction of a Peanut Butter GU is a long awaited and greatly satisfying nutty addition to our line-up,” said Brooke Kennedy, GU’s Marketing Manager.  “Our product design team has done an excellent job consistently pushing the limits of GU flavor profiles in an effort to deliver athletes the highest-quality performance nutrition products.”

Peanut Butter GU is made with natural crushed peanuts and offers athletes a savory alternative to the historically sweet flavor options. The sweet and salty flavor packs all of the richness of Peanut Butter but in a consistency that won’t leave your tongue cemented to the roof of your mouth. Mix a little Peanut Butter GU with Jet Blackberry GU to create a PB&J befitting of the most intense endurance events.

Look for Peanut Butter GU Energy Gel at your local specialty sports retailer or pick some up here.