Alison Tetrick


LOCATION: Petaluma, CA



FAVORITE GU PRODUCT: Salted Watermelon everything! From the GU Energy Salted Watermelon to the GU Chews in Watermelon. I do love a little watermelon sugar high - in like a good country song sort of way to get the tang, the sweet, and all the energy to be in eternal summer wherever I am.

I have a lot of favorites, but since I just mentioned Salted Watermelon, the other current flavor is Roctane Pineapple. You can see there is a trend here. Some beach. Somewhere. I am pedaling my bike into the sunset and am solar powered. The Roctane Pineapple flavor offers all the benefits of Roctane (you really should see me launch into orbit when fueling with GU Roctane) but allows me to stay the just the right of sweet and that sour punch that keeps me in a happy and non-"bonky" state of performance and smiling delight. 

Eat and drink, early and often. Don't let your nutrition get behind your day. We all start the day as superheroes, and to finish the day in our caped glory, it is best to keep eating and drinking, even at the beginning of your training and racing. It curbs the bonk, levels your blood sugar, and makes for a very successful and beautiful day.

Community is my life. I wouldn't ride a bike if it wasn't for the bike family that has supported me through my tumultuous ups and downs. Cultivating community expresses my passion on why I ride a bike. I work tirelessly to raise funds, awareness, and advocacy to increase opportunity, diversity, and equality in our sport and in education. I volunteer to mentor and guide NICA's NorCal High School Cycling League, and sell bandanas of all things, to continue the donations to causes such as Outride, NICA (in both NorCal and Emporia), and Love Your Brain. I believe that sports, science, and community cultivation, through storytelling, can make a power difference in the world. I serve on the Board of Directors of USA Cycling and I am on the Athlete Advisory Council for the United States Olympic Paralympic Committee. I believe in the voice of the athlete and the power that the bike and sports have to be able to be amplified through continued education and community impact. The bike is my pivotal vehicle to give back to my community, bolster confidence and increase community - I am here for this and so much more. I want to be a leader that continues to challenge barriers and societal expectations to make our sport inclusive and even more beautiful for all. 

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