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Mirinda Carfrae


Hometown: Brisbane, AU
Current: Boulder, CO


Rinny is constantly striving to get the best she can out of her racing, and that goal helps keep her motivated and on the move. She enjoy ice cream and red wine shared with friends. Rinny grew up on a farm with a large family, which meant that at a young age she was always running to catch up with her siblings. But she never imagined running (and swimming and biking) would turn into her job.

2018 GOALS

Excited to race IM Cairns with my brother in Australia. Also traveling to Europe to race with Tim and bringing daughter Izzy. Of course focused on Ironman Kona


  • 4x World Champion
  • Current Ironman World Championship course record.


I carry a collection of lucky charms in my race bag that fans have gifted or sent.


I like to keep my gels cold. I love lemonade flavor although birthday cake is a close 2nd.

Top Goal for 2016 My main goal this year to race strong while focusing on Ironman Kona 2016. I know I can do more on the Kona course and look forward to racing some amazing women in 2016. It’s exciting to see so much talent on the women’s side and I’ll be ready.
The GU Moment The moment that one GU gets you back in your zone on a long run!