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Team California Bike


LOCATION: Martinez, California

TWITTER: @teamcabike

INSTAGRAM: @teamcabike

FAVORITE GU PRODUCT: Energy Stroopwafel


FAVORITE NUTRITION HACK: Put a gel under the cap of a bottle for my riders  in the feed zone. They can tear the gel off, consume it, put the gel in their jersey pocket and the little tab stays in the lid till we clean the bottles later. No trash falls on the road. ;-)

WHAT MOTIVATES YOU TO COMPETE? WHAT'S YOUR WHY? We are motivated by the spirit of the competition. The why is that running a team like ours keeps us passionately engaged in the sport and pushes us to get out and ride.

WHAT'S YOUR GU MOMENT? ROCTANE Energy Drink Mix. I used it on a long endurance day that I really didn't have the endurance for. 3.5 hours is about as much time I get these days. I was talked into a 4.5 hour ride. I am sure that having a bottle of ROCTANE in the tank in the first hour saved me in the last hour.